Sunday, February 02, 2014

How Smart Are Dogs?

Well let me tell you, they are very smart. My chihuahua has a stuffed Woodstock, you know, one of the characters from the Peanuts/Charlie Brown comic strip.(see photo below)  Woody as we call it is almost as big as she so when she is holding it in her mouth she can't see what's in front of her. This caused her a bit of trouble getting it down the stairs with it. But being the resourceful little weasel that she is, she found a way. She would drop it onto the step, climb down to that step, pick it up and drop it to the next step, repeat until she got to the bottom. Is that smart or what?

By the way, the Border Collie is considered the smartest breed. Yeah right, tell that to a Chihuahua.

P.S. Anyone know what happened to the Clubchi Chihuahua forum?

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