Monday, March 04, 2013

Chihuahua Clipart

chihuahua clipart
I drew this Chihuahua in a free vector graphics program called Inkscape that I'm learning how to use. Vector graphics are scalable meaning that they could be enlarged to whatever size without and loss of quality. Browsers can't read vector graphics so they need to be converted into a format that will enable browsers to display them such as jpg, gif or png. My little chihuahua is a gif. Um, not the little weasel, I mean the cartoon chihuahua here.

Speaking of the little weasel, she's been snoozing under her blanket, I guess she's waiting for spring like the rest of us. Anyone who wants to try out Inkscape can download it at


Loving Max said...

thanks I'll give it a try!

Painted Pixels said...

Here are a couple of tutorials that helped me get started with Inkscape:

The guy who made the youtube video has more excellent youtube videos that help you grasp the concept of Inkscape.