Monday, November 08, 2010

Chihuahuas Like Sunbathing

I was playing with my dog this morning in the hallway when suddenly she grabbed her toy and walked into a nearby room. I wondered what grabbed her attention so I went in after her. As I suspected she noticed the sun poking through the window and went to lie down in the spot where the sun's rays were hitting the floor. Typical chihuahua behavior if you ask me. I wonder if large dogs do the same thing.



Anonymous said...

My chihuahua Jezebel does the same thing. She actually stood next to her carpet mat recently and stared at us, till we moved it a little bit so it was fully in the sun for her, then she stretched out to sunbathe.

Painted Pixels said...

That's cool, I love hearing stories like that because it amazes me how dogs are able to interact with people even though they can't speak.

I once read that what really separates a wolf from a dog even if it is raised in a home environment is that when a dog can't solve a problem it looks to a person for help but a wolf won't, even a domesticated one.