Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dog Toys

My Chihuahua Shannon has a new toy - a little stuffed cow. She took to her little stuffed cow like a duck takes to water. I guess that's because her favorite things to play with are small stuffed animals.

She can pick her toys out by name, which everyone thinks is pretty cool. It amazes me how much dogs can come to understand just by talking to them using the same words for the same actions. We call the little cow "Moo Moo" and to my surprise within minutes Shannon was able to pick "Moo Moo" out from among her other toys.

Yup, dogs are smart alright, my chihuahua can learn the name of her toy within minutes but when it comes to learning how to pick her toys up and put them back into the toy box she's like "huh?" Go figure.


Anonymous said...

If your Shannon is anything like my Jezebel (a 3yo long haired miss), she thinks it's the staff's job to tidy up her toys! She's done her work by sharing them around

Painted Pixels said...

Ha, ha, yeah I think you're right, sometimes I feel like I'm my dog's servant, lol.