Thursday, June 07, 2007

Under Cover

Shannon loves to sleep covered up, even in the summer. She "builds" a tent out of her blankie and crawls in and out of the opening. At times she's completely covered up and sticks her nose out a wee bit,it looks so cute.

This morning she was with my Mom outside in the backyard, I came to the glass door, Shannon was way in the back sniffing around but when she saw me she just stood there looking at me. I looked back to see what she would do but she just stood there with her eyes fixed on me. I said her name and she came running straight to me. That gave me a happy feeling, she would rather be with me than have the freedom of being outside.

She seemed so eager to see me, I gave her a hug and scratch and I gave her a chewy rawhide strip to show her how pleased I was with her. I know she didn't come running to me because she thought she was going to get a reward, she ran to me because she likes me, she really does.

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Debbie said...

What a gorgeous little dog.... I bet that she's the light of your day.