Friday, October 13, 2006

Dogs and Apples

My chihuahua Shannon spent the second half of the summer munching on fallen apples in the backyard. She's like a squirrel, nibbles on one a bit and then goes looking for another one. And she was really helpful with the yard work, I would gather the apples into a bucket and she would pick them out. (see photo). It took me twice as long to gather the apples into the bucket but it was so funny watching her try to pick them out. Apples are actually a good treat to give your dog.

Shannon likes being in the backyard, I have to keep a careful eye on her because she always finds some spot in the fence to crawl through and ends up snooping in the neighbour's yard, but she returns when I call her. She's pretty good at coming when called, well sometimes I need to repeat myself but overall coming when called is not too bad. Small dogs such as chihuahuas shouldn't be left alone in the backyard, even if it's fenced in. Depending on where you live, they can become easy prey for birds such as hawks, and even a cat could pose a danger for a chihuahua.