Monday, October 31, 2005

My New Puppy

This is my new Chihuahua puppy "Little Shannon". She bacame part of the household Friday Oct. 28. She's 8 weeks old, weighs 1 lb. and very cute (but I guess you can already tell by the picture). I'll be writing in this blog my experiences with training my new puppy and how she's coming along in her new home. You're welcome to comment with any tips, suggestions and critiques about what I'm doing wrong and what's the better way.

So far Little Shannon knows that the newspaper is where she's to go pee-pee, she will go on the paper by herself and if I place her on the paper and say "go pee-pee" she seems to understand. But going poo-poo is something she still needs to learn. I'm keeping her on a feeding schedule and trying to keep her routine the same so that the housebreaking will go more easily.

That's all for now, I hope to be posting more on puppy's progress and antics but she is keeping me so busy I don't how I'll get the time, she already knows how to run up the stairs which scares me, I keep thinking she might fall down or fall through the railing.


Shea, Lola and Tucker said...

I was going back and catching up on your blog since I just found you and had to comment on the similarities. I brought my Tucker home on October 28, 2005 also. He didn't quite make a pound, he was 12 ounces the day he came home, I can remember having to put my hand on his rear to keep him from going head first in the water bowl and drowning when he drank because he was so top heavy.

Painted Pixels said...

Cool, that's some coincidence, I guess that makes them the same age.

Went over to Tucker's blog to see if there's any other similarities. They both have that sweet, unassuming look that belies their, how shall I say, "don't mess with me" attitude.